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Profiles in Adoption

An ongoing research project to explore the demographic characteristics and personal experiences of adoptive parents and adopted individuals.

Part One of the Profiles in Adoption research project is a national survey of adoptive parents which was completed in late summer 2021. Policymakers, professionals, and advocates look to adoption research data to inform their decisions and work in adoption. What we learn from this research can provide vitally important information to:

  • Improve education and training for future adoptive parents
  • Advocate for post-adoption resources and supports to meet identified needs
  • Give organizations that support adoption, such as grantmakers, employee benefit providers, and other service providers, program-related data
  • Inform policymakers and other decision-makers as they consider legislation, new policies or policy changes


When will the report be available?

This research is being conducted in partnership with Baylor University. We anticipate the report to be published in 2022.

What is Part Two?

NCFA is working to identify funding opportunities to conduct a second national survey for adopted individuals. Taken together, the two surveys can provide a more comprehensive understanding of adoption experiences over time.

Survey Point of Contact: Ryan Hanlon,

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