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The leader in adoption advocacy, education, research, and professional development since 1980.

Every child, everywhere, deserves to thrive in a nurturing, permanent family.

About National Council For Adoption

NCFA began in 1980 as adoption professionals sought to strengthen their voice in support of families and children. Then named the National Committee on Adoption, the non-profit organization was formed to educate the public, media, policymakers, and other stakeholders about adoption-related issues.

Since then, NCFA has worked tirelessly to increase public understanding of adoption and promote a positive image of adoption as a loving way to build nurturing, permanent families. We advocate for ethical, sound policies and services regarding adoption in an inclusive, non-partisan way. NCFA monitors federal and state legislation, addressing policies and laws that create barriers to children finding the families they deserve. We collaborate with adoption service providers, like-minded national advocacy and education groups, individuals, and child welfare authorities worldwide to promote the best interests of children everywhere. 

NCFA has become a top authority on adoption issues, including domestic infant adoption, international adoption, and adoption from foster care. We are committed to being a lifelong trusted resource for adoptive families, adoptees, and birth families, as well as the professionals who serve them and the policymakers whose decisions impact them.

FY2023Annual Report

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Search NCFA's Member Directory to find an adoption professional to assist you with a range of services including homestudies, placement services, expectant parent counseling, birthparent support, legal services, search and reunion guidance, post adoption support, and much more.

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NCFA has a diverse membership of agencies and individual attorneys who share our commitment to the highest standards of professional practice. Each member brings a uniquely valuable contribution to our shared vision, standing united in our unwavering commitment to helping ensure every child has a nurturing, permanent family.

Agency Membership Guide

Explore all the benefits of NCFA membership for your and your team.