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Adopted Persons

We know the journey of adoption doesn’t end when the papers are signed. Being adopted impacts your life in new ways all the time, whether you’re four or 42. We recognize that during some periods of your life, you will process your story more intensely than others, and that you will probably continue to discern what it means for you throughout your whole life. We hope that through our resources you will find the trusted guidance and support you need to embrace your story and live confident in your worth, strength, and identity.

General Resources for Adopted Persons

Search & Reunion Information

headshot of Mike Thorne

Having faced the challenge of searching for a trusted resource to help me through the search and reunion process, I know firsthand how important it is for adoptees to have confidence in the information they receive. NCFA is the leading adoption advocacy organization and has the expert resources to help adoptees make the most informed decisions. In fact, my belief in the mission of NCFA to serve the entire adoption community is so strong that I asked to join the board and have been a member for several years now!

- Mike T.

Search and Reunion

Find an Agency or Attorney

Search NCFA's Member Directory to find an adoption professional to assist you with a range of services including homestudies, placement services, expectant parent counseling, birthparent support, legal services, search and reunion guidance, post adoption support, and much more.

Pursuing International Adoption? Agency requirements are different than domestic adoptions. Before searching the Directory, learn more by clicking here.

Not sure which one you need? Click here to find out.