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Adoption Research

Research is about much more than just producing numbers and reports. NCFA believes in providing reliable information about critical areas of adoption research because good data is vital to strengthening and supporting the field of adoption and all who are touched by it.

Policymakers and legislators look to research-based facts and statistics to inform their decision-making. Professionals draw from the most recent studies and reports to better understand the needs of the populations they are serving and identify areas for growth in their work. Members of the media, authors, and other content creators look to NCFA's expertise to help them identify the most relevant and accurate information about adoption as they cover current events and tell stories.

To learn more about NCFA's Research Program or to discuss potential research projects, please contact Ryan Hanlon at

Profiles in Adoption, A National Survey of Adoptive Family Experiences

Part One: Adoptive Families

  • Expected Report Publication Date: 2022
  • Research partner: Baylor University

Part Two: Adopted Individuals - coming in 2022

Adoption by the Numbers

A comprehensive study of adoption data from 2019 and 2020 across all 50 states. 

Expected publication date: 2022

Research Partner: Catholic University

The 2017 edition of Adoption by the Numbers examined data from 2014 and is considered to be the most recent available data on domestic adoption in the U.S. 

Birthmother Satisfaction Rates and Long-Term Outcomes

In development, seeking to launch in 2022

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