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Ramya Gruneisen, MS

Ramya Gruneisen is a transracial adoptee living in St. Louis, Missouri. She has found a passion in adoption education and advocacy work for adoption agencies and adoptive and prospective families. Ramya’s expertise has been recognized and featured by prominent organizations such as The National Council for Adoption and American Adoptions, where she has contributed articles as a writer. In addition to publishing articles, she has shared her experiences and expertise on podcasts, at national conferences and local workshops.

Apart from her work in the adoption field, Ramya works for the United States Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI), where she is involved in the Refugee Medical Screening and Refugee Health Promotion programs. She has found it to be the most lifegiving and humbling work. When she’s not working, Ramya loves spending time with her friends and family and climbing mountains. As a true St. Louisan, she also enjoys watching the St. Louis Cardinals and Blues play.