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Ode to NCFA

This poem was shared at the 2021 National Adoption Conference by Jane Turner, Executive Director of the Adoption Center of Illinois 


This year ACI is a sponsor, a sponsor of the color gold

To NCFA I give tribute and with my highest esteem I do hold.

An organization like ours with member support will never fold

We’re strong, bright and invincible and sometimes downright bold.


So why do I love NCFA and take the time to write these lines?

So many reasons, as many reasons as there are grapes upon the vine.

The conference is always awesome, pulling together our collective minds.

Although next year, let’s be together with old and new friends of all kinds!


Passion, commitment and fervor to help many children in need

That why we do our work, it’s not for the money, it’s not for greed.

It’s for all the families that they may nurture, love and feed

And with guidance by Chuck and his fabulous staff, together we can succeed


Agencies, attorneys, social workers and advocates too

Make up the NCFA community – yes, ALL of us, not just a few!

Together we support adoption both abroad and here in the red, white and blue

And together we are stronger and can create something true.


A couple of years back our Hague reaccreditation was drawing near

At times I was filled with anxiety, questions and downright fear.

Did I give up hope and drown myself in tears or beer?

No, my fellow Adoption Council members gave me courage and filled me with cheer!


So you’ve got a crazy adoption question -- you’ve no idea where to turn.

So you log on to the list-serve with great hope that you will learn

If adopting from Planet X is really a new thing? You mind begins to churn…

But within 24 hours you have 10 awesome responses and you can finally adjourn!


From ICPC to IAAME to DOS to immigration

Regulations never go away and occasionally may even lead to frustration

But we tackle these challenges, even many, without hesitation

And NCFA advocates on the Hill ready to rally for new legislation


And lastly there’s our friend Ryan, always upbeat, never a wreck.

He’s got energy, grace and style and ideas that stack the deck

Except he sometimes wears maroon and orange, at the same time, what the heck?

Is it because he has gone mad? Or because he’s a Hokie from Virginia Tech?


So my time is up, the end is drawing near

I wish each Council member a host of sunshine and good cheer

I wish each of you success helping all the children that are so very dear.

Keep up all your good work, stay strong and hope to see y’all next year