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For media inquiries or to schedule an interview, please contact Chuck Johnson at cjohnson@adoptioncouncil.org or 301-751-3750.

We use media outlets to educate policy makers and the general public about the value of adoption, and to reinforce the positive option of adoption. Our efforts include news commentaries, press releases, and public service announcements.

Press Room

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Public Service Announcements

‚Äč"Sometimes choosing adoption is being a good mother" is the powerful message of hope behind our public awareness campaign created for women facing unintended pregnancies and all those who may lack sensitive, accurate information about adoption. The iChooseAdoption PSAs can be viewed by clicking here. We developed iChooseAdoption.org as an educational tool for visitors to have the opportunity to confidentially explore and learn about adoption. iChooseAdoption.org includes information and answers to "Frequently Asked Questions" about adoption, compelling birth mother testimonials, and numerous other resources for prospective birthparents. The iChooseAdoption public awareness campaign and website is part of a national effort on behalf of Infant Adoption Revival Project to increase adoption awareness and spread the message that choosing adoption is a positive option that can be pursued without fear, bias, or misunderstanding.

For more information about the PSA campaign, or to request an iChooseAdoption media kit or copies of individual PSAs, please contact us.

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If you need to obtain graphics or logos for National Council For Adoption, Families For All, iChooseAdoption, or Infant Adoption Training Initiative, please contact Julie Claiborn at jclaiborn@adoptioncouncil.org. We thank you for respectfully not using NCFA's graphics and logos without consent.