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Find adoption answers, support, training, or professional resources

Adoptive Parents

We know that as adoptive parents, you experience joy, but also face some unique challenges in meeting the needs of your children. NCFA is here to provide trusted guidance and support every step of the way, whether you’re navigating the adoption process, looking for trauma-informed parenting expertise, or hoping to connect with other parents experiencing similar challenges.

Considering Adoption? We Can Help.

NCFA provides prospective adoptive parents with accurate, reliable, expert-based information about adoption to help you make the next decision that is right for you.

Learn More About the Types of Adoption

Intercountry Adoption

Learn about the basics of intercountry adoption from the legal process to parent preparation and the children being adopted to the U.S.

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Adopting from Foster Care

Get the facts and helpful resources about adopting from foster care.
Over 113,000 kids and teens across the U.S. are without a permanent, nurturing family.

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Private Infant Adoption

A lot has changed in private infant domestic adoption. Find out what to expect about the adoption process and how to find safe, legal, and reliable professional assistance for this important decision.

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Kinship Adoption

Formalized kinship adoption is becoming increasingly common. Learn more about this often misunderstood type of adoption and how you can get support if you are a parent through kinship adoption.

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Find an Agency or Attorney

Search NCFA's Member Directory to find an adoption professional to assist you with a range of services including homestudies, placement services, expectant parent counseling, birthparent support, legal services, search and reunion guidance, post adoption support, and much more.

Pursuing International Adoption? Agency requirements are different than domestic adoptions. Before searching the Directory, learn more by clicking here.

Not sure which one you need? Click here to find out.

We're with you

Adoption is beautiful, but we understand it’s also complex. It means trauma and healing, hurt and compassion, heartbreak and hope -- all side by side. Since 1980, we’ve been working in the adoption community to not only advocate for children in need of a nurturing, permanent family but also equip families built through adoption and foster care with the resources to thrive. We bring together expert resources in fields like attachment theory, the legal process of adoption, trauma-informed parenting, and more so that adoptive parents, and their children, feel supported every step of the way.

Research and Advocacy for Adoptive Parents

Adoption by the Numbers

NCFA is the only organization that provides a national and state-by-state count of the number of public and private adoptions. Check out the 2019 and 2020 numbers.

Profiles in Adoption

What are adoptive parents and families like? How has that changed over time? What can we learn from their experiences in the process and as adoptive parents? In the largest national survey of adoptive parents to date, NCFA answers these and many other key questions.

Adoption Advocacy

Need assistance with your adoption case? Want to bring about change in adoption policies and improve adoption laws at the federal level? We have advocacy resources at your fingertips.

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