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Sarah Horton Bobo, MA

Former Director of Post Adoption Support and Education, Bethany Christian Services

Sarah Horton Bobo, MA is an independent consultant and trainer who has worked in the human service and child welfare field for 25 years. The first 14 years of her career, she worked with families and children who were impacted by prenatal exposure to alcohol. She then spent 10 years working at a large private child welfare organization primarily as the National Director of Post Adoption Support and Education. In this role, she focused on building services for members of the adoption community including birth families, adoptive parents and individuals who were adopted. A great deal of her work concentrated on understanding factors that led to adoption disruption and dissolution. She worked to create connections with national and community-based groups that could be instrumental in providing support and services to families in crisis. Sarah believes strongly that post-adoption stability is grounded in pre-adoption preparation and training. Outside of work, Sarah enjoys spending time with her husband, children and the world’s best Golden Retriever.