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Lori Holden

Lori Holden, M.A., writes at and hosts the podcast Adoption: The Long View, which aims to help adoptive parents better understand the complexities of adoption earlier in their journey. She’s the author of the acclaimed book The Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption, written with her daughter’s birth mom and recommended by adoption agencies around the country and even People magazine. She conceived of the Open Adoption Grid, on which the Inclusive Family Support Model is based. She has co-authored the new book, Adoption Unfiltered, which will be available December of 2023.

Lori leads experiential workshops for adoption agencies in the U.S. and internationally, and coaches families who want help navigating their open adoptions. Her work has appeared in magazines like Parenting and Adoptive Families. She was nominated by Senator Michael Bennet as an Angel in Adoption® and honored by the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute. She and her husband live in Denver and are parents to two young adult children.