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Julie Etter

Julie Etter is a mother of 5 (2 adopted and 3 bio). Both of her adopted children are transracial adoptions, 1 African American/Latino and 1 Polynesian. Julie is passionate about sharing her story about not only adoption and the joys and hardships of it, but also her experience with infertility and adopting after many years of trying to carry a baby to term only to result in multiple pregnancy losses. She and her son, Isaac, share their story on their podcast Inside Transracial Adoption in an effort to help others to understand and to feel understood as they walk this road of adoption. Julie is a humanities teacher and finds joy in opening the world of Literature and History to her students. Her greatest pleasure is cooking family dinners for her 5 children and their partners and spending time with her grandson. She and her husband, along with her 2 youngest children, reside in Lancaster, PA.