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NCFA Stands with the Asian American Community

In May we recognize Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, a time to honor the influence and achievements of Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans who have enriched and significantly contributed to America’s history, culture, and success. In 2021, we begin this month holding both gratitude and grief with a heightened sense of awareness that for many this is not a time of celebration. We are deeply troubled by the horrific acts of violence and racism that have taken place against the Asian American community in recent months. We reject and condemn all forms of hatred and racism and support the equal value and rights of every person regardless of skin color, race, or ethnicity.

Tens of thousands of adoptees, adoptive families, and their communities have been impacted across the United States in different ways. But what we know is that many are hurting, scared, and often confused by what to do about it all. We are grateful for the good work being done by many adoption professionals and agencies to support families and adoptees. We applaud the excellent resources that have been developed to help adoptive parents better support their children and process the racism they may experience. Many of those resources have come from adoptees themselves, and therapeutic organizations and nonprofits who specialize in matters of race, ethnicity, and culture. We have compiled a list of suggested resources below, especially for parents.

Together, in unity with our Asian friends, neighbors, colleagues, and family members, we will stand firm in the fight against racism, because hate has no home here.