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USCIS Seeking Public Comment on Intercountry Adoption

The adoption community has an opportunity to weigh in on USCIS policies and procedures. 

Your voice can influence and shape public policy that impacts the future of intercountry adoption!

What they want to know

USCIS has asked for public input on several topics in the form of 17 specific questions. Many of these topics relate to the intercountry adoption process. You can provide comment on as many of the questions as you'd like. But, they specifically mention intercountry adoption in question 10:

"Are there USCIS regulations that are still necessary, but have not operated as well as expected, such that a modified approach is justified to reduce unnecessary administrative burdens? For example, are there current regulations, policies, or procedures, specifically related to citizenship and naturalization, family-based immigration (including intercountry adoptions)...that could be modernized, streamlined, or otherwise improved?"

How to comment

  • All public comments must be submitted by May 19th. *Note: There are multiple typos on the comment page giving 4/19 as the deadline, but it is in fact May 19th.
  • All comments are considered public and will be posted online.
  • Read our tips for comments below.
  • Click HERE to submit your comment.

Tips for Submitting a Comment

  1. Explain your connection to adoption and expertise or experience with USCIS procedures and policies.
  2. Share your stories and experiences, in brief, keeping the focus on how your experience with USCIS impacted your adoption process or the process for the families and children you serve.
  3. Offer suggestions for improvement and explain why you believe your suggestion would be more beneficial than the status quo.
  4. Your comments may be in a narrative form, but should reflect factual experiences and focus on specific areas of process or policy such as paperwork requirements, waiting times, or other obstacles that you encountered.
  5. Consider including a comment about a process or policy that is working well or reflects past improvements that you would encourage USCIS to maintain.