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itercountry adoption journey

Prepare for International Adoption

The Intercountry Adoption Journey is a 10-hour course that fulfills the training requirements of countries that are party to the Hague Adoption Convention and provides a solid foundation for all prospective parents pursuing intercountry adoption. Created by NCFA, the Intercountry Adoption Journey has been the training course of choice for thousands of parents.

Children who experience separation from their birth parents, grow up in institutional communal care, or spend time in foster placements abroad have unique that require prospective adoptive parents to be educated and equipped to help their child transition and thrive in a permanent family home. The Intercountry Adoption Journey will teach you about cognitive and social development, sleep and nutrition, medical needs, cultural and racial considerations, communication barriers, and more.

We've recruited experienced professionals in adoption and child development and seasoned adoptive parents to contribute to this training through videos and resource materials. By taking the Intercountry Adoption Journey, you'll learn from their expertise and real-life adoption scenarios to help you prepare for your journey ahead.