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Adoption Affordability

Resources and information to help you pay for an adoption

For All Types of Adoptions

Adoption Financial Resources

Adopting can be expensive, but from charitable grants and low-interest loans to crowdfunding, tax credits, and state subsidies, there are many options to help offset and manage the cost.

Adoption Finance 101

With proper financial planning, adoption can be an affordable option for many families. Watch our free webinar to learn how!

Understanding the Adoption Tax Credit

The Adoption Tax Credit (ATC) can significantly offset the costs and fees of an adoption process. This guide explains what the ATC is, how it works, and what adoptive parents need to know about their eligibility.

Tips: Protect Your Financial Resources

It's rare, but sometimes pre-adoptive parents are exploited by fraudulent parties or unlicensed entities, for financial gain. Learn how to protect yourself against these scams and support legislation to end predatory practices by unlicensed actors.

The Adoptive Parent's Guide to Adoption Assistance and Subsidies

This issue of the Adoption Advocate provides essential information and answers to frequently asked questions about adoption subsidies.

Adoption Subsidies 101: Understanding Federal and State Adoption Assistance

This webinar offers a general overview of adoption assistance and subsidies at the Federal and State level with a discussion of interstate issues, eligibility concerns, common mistakes, and the process for applying for non-ward subsidies.

The Top Five Mistakes People Make When Applying for Adoption Assistance

Avoid these common mistakes and pitfalls to ensure your family receives the full benefit of adoption subsidy that your child is eligible for.


Considering Adoption?

There is a lot to learn and understand about adoption before you make this life-changing decision.
Use the resources below to get started.

Adoption 101

A visual summary of the adoption process


Adoption 101: An overview of the basics of adoption and how to be prepared for adoption

Types of Adoption

A detailed look at the different types of adoption including answers to frequently asked questions

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