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Wayne W. Sharp, Ph.D.

Adopted at birth in Dallas, Texas by two loving and inspirational parents, Bob Henry and Mayana Yates Sharp, Wayne was raised on the family’s “Knickerbocker” ranch near San Angelo. But the “Knickerbocker Kid went Global” after meeting President Eisenhower in January 1957 (the first of 5 US Presidents), and living 6 months in Argentina with 5 different families as an “International 4-H Youth Exchange” (IFYE) representative from Texas (1964/65). His global career took him to over 75 countries, enabling him to learn about many cultures and economies- his foreign languages are Spanish, French and Russian.

After receiving his Ph.D. (International Trade & Finance) at Michigan State University, including studying Russian for 2 years and 3-months travel “behind the iron curtain” in the former Soviet Union for his doctoral thesis on “East-West Trade” in 1967, Dr. Sharp had a distinguished 25-year career as an International Economist in the U.S. Foreign Service. He was twice awarded the “President’s Meritorious Foreign Service Award”, and served 2 years in the White House as an Assistant Director of the President’s Council on International Economic Policy, 1974-76. He served with distinction as a U.S. Diplomat, with his family, in the US Embassies in Guatemala, Paris and the US Mission to the European Communities in Brussels.

Wayne now devotes his planning, economic, financial, and leadership skills as a volunteer and philanthropist for Adoption, Children’s Health, Musical Arts, and his Community Associations. Wayne and his wife Linda have resided in McLean, Virginia since 1968 (between foreign assignments), and have two adult children: Catherine Lynette Sharp of Rosslyn, Virginia; and Stephen Wayne Sharp, who resides with his wife, Peggy, in Mountain View, CA.

Wayne worked closely with and became a good friend of the founder and first CEO of NCFA, the late Dr. William Pierce. Since the mid-80s, Wayne had served as a volunteer with Dr. Pierce on International Adoptions, The Hague Convention, and many other adoption issues. In 2007, he was elected to NCFA’s Board of Directors, became the Treasurer in 2008, and Vice Chairman in 2012. Wayne served as Chairman of NCFA’s 30th Anniversary Gala in 2010 and served on the Gala Committee for the 35th in 2015.

In recognition of his strategic vision of finding “forever homes” for all children, and leadership on Foster Care, Wayne was appointed Chairman of NCFA’s “Task Force on Foster Care”, in 2013. He developed a strategic plan and leads 4 Sub-committees. As a result, Governors of Colorado and Ohio received leadership awards in May 2015, National Foster Care Month. Wayne traveled to Ohio with NCFA President, Chuck Johnson, to present the Awards. As an active member of the Executive Committee, Wayne’s focus is on Policy and Strategic Planning.

Active in community and cultural affairs, Wayne has held numerous leadership positions, serving as President of the two citizen’s associations where he has lived in McLean, Virginia; President for 3 seasons with the McLean Orchestra, and currently is President of the Foreign Agricultural Service Retirees. In 2012, he received the Chairman’s Award by the Greater McLean Chamber of Commerce for “Outstanding Leadership of the McLean Orchestra and Your Support and Service to the McLean Community”.

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