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Sophia Gardner, LMSW

Senior Manager of Pre and Post Adoption Services, Spence-Chapin Services to Families & Children

Sophia Gardner LMSW is the Senior Manager of Pre & Post Adoption Services at Spence-Chapin Services to Families and Children in New York City. She first came to Spence-Chapin in 2016 where she conducted home study assessments and pre-adoption training. Sophia now oversees all home study assessments for Spence-Chapin’s domestic and international child placing programs as well for families who are adopting internationally, and are working with Spence-Chapin solely for their home study assessment. Sophia has specific expertise assessing and supporting families formed through international kinship adoption. In addition to her professional expertise, she is the eldest and only biological child in a transracial adoptive family and adoption has been intricately woven into Sophia’s personal life.