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We know that your path to considering adoption was not easy. Every person's experience with infertility is unique, but you always deserve respect, care, and compassion. As a trusted resource on adoption, we can provide you with accurate, comprehensive information, tailored to your needs and perspective as a person who has already walked a difficult road towards starting or growing your family. NCFA is here to help you make a well-informed decision about adoption for your family.

These resources are generously sponsored by ARC Fertility.

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In a 2021 nationwide survey, more than one-third of adoptive parents said they were motivated to adopt after experiencing infertility.

Upcoming Events

Online Discussion Group: Adopting After Infertility

Tuesday, June 11th, 8-9pm ET

A free informational gathering for individuals with histories of infertility who are interested in adoption.

Online Discussion Group: Adopting After Infertility

Tuesday, September 17th, 8-9pm ET

A free informational gathering for individuals with histories of infertility who are interested in adoption.

Online Discussion Group: Adopting After Infertility

Tuesday, November 19th, 8-9pm ET

A free informational gathering for individuals with histories of infertility who are interested in adoption.

Considering Adoption?

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Lessons Learned

Adoptive parents who have experienced infertility share their experiences working with adoption professionals


Answers to some of the most common questions from people thinking about adoption after infertility.

Understanding Grief, Loss & Trauma in Adoption

As you consider the possibility of becoming a parent through adoption, it is critical to become educated about and equipped for the unique needs of your future child, and your experiences as an adoptive family. We strongly recommend that all prospective adoptive parents, regardless of the type of adoption you pursue, be proactive in preparing for the lifelong journey of adoption by learning about trauma, loss, grief, attachment, and other core adoption-related issues.

Grief and Loss in Adoption: Helping Children Process Their Pre-Adoption History

Children that enter their families through adoption experience unique loss. Through this course, attendees learn about the factors that influence children’s reaction to loss, the four psychological tasks of grief work, the healing therapies for children and teens and critical aspects of loss in foster care and adoption and how those losses impact children

Adoption After Infertility

Presented at the 2022 National Adoption Conference by Anna Koehle, HS-BCP, CCTP (Certified Clinical Trauma Professional)


The Role of Prenatal and Preverbal Trauma in the Attachment Relationship

Presented at the 2021 National Adoption Conference by Diana Osipsov, LMSW – Owner and Clinical Therapist, Roots Therapeutic Specialty Services


It's not as simple as "just adopt" because adoption and having a child by birth are not the same, and completing an adoption is often not simple.

-Ryan Hanlon, President & CEO of NCFA

The Adoption Process

Adoption 101

A visual overview of the basics of the adoption process


Adoption 101: An overview of the basics of adoption and how to be prepared for adoption.

Types of Adoption

A detailed look at the different types of adoption including answers to frequently asked questions.

Personal Stories

Elissa's Story

As you process grief and begin to heal, there are ups and downs in the journey. For [Elissa], this “loss is always going to be there, but it doesn’t mean you can’t love again.”

Liz's Story

"Pregnancy is scary just like adoption is scary.. things can happen, things can change, things can go wrong. It’s all so scary, but it’s all so worth it."

Sarah's Story

"So, after nine years of infertility, surgeries, testing, medications, and heart-wrenching longing for a baby, Shane and I decided to become foster parents and open our hearts and home to any child who needed it."


Adoption 101

This free course provides an overview of the current landscape of adoption, the types of adoption and adoption processes including timeframes, costs, requirements, and preparing for adoptive parenting.

Adoption Finance 101

This free course gives an overview of the resources available to prospective adoptive families as they plan to meet the financial requirements of the adoption process.

Processing Infertility and Child Loss

This free course helps prospective adoptive families identify and practice tools, skills, and resources for appropriately processing their own grief and loss and explore how doing so can strengthen their bond with each other and prospective children.

An Employer's Guide to Workplace Adoption Benefits

This free course offers a training process for managers and human resource professionals on what a helpful adoption benefits package looks like, as well as practical ways to offer employees the flexibility they need to successfully pursue an adoption.

Getting Started

How to Choose an Adoption Professional

A guide to choosing an ethical, experienced, adoption service provider for all types of adoption.

Adoption Agency & Attorney Directory


Search NCFA's member directory for an adoption service provider near you.


Preparing for the Financial Cost of Adoption

Information about grants, loans, the adoption tax credit, and other financial resources for pre-adoptive parents

Finding Support


The national infertility association offers support and resources to people experiencing infertility and considering adoption.


Creating a Family Facebook Group

An online community for foster, adoptive, and kinship families. Many of the members came to adoption from infertility.

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These resources are generously sponsored by ARC Fertility.