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Support the Adoption Tax Credit Refundability Act

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Too often the cost of the adoption process stands in the way of children coming into permanent, loving families. Lawmakers are considering legislative solutions and Congress wants to hear how a Refundable Adoption Tax Credit would help American families. If you are an adoptive family, a family in the process to adopt, or are seriously considering adoption but aren't sure that you can afford it, we ask you to share your story here. Briefly explain how a refundable adoption tax credit would impact your family. We will share these stories with legislators as we advocate for the passage of this bill.

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What Families Are Saying

"Had the tax credit been refundable, our family could have used the credit to offset the significant fees associated with our adoption, and we would have been better equipped to meet our daughter’s therapeutic, medical, and other needs." - Meg

Advocates Needed

Adoption advocates have a powerful role to play in shaping the future of adoption! From spreading awareness, to supporting legislation and policies that will strengthen adoption, your voice can make a crucial difference. If you want to help every child, everywhere, have the nurturing, permanent family that they deserve, check out NCFA's Adoption Advocacy Toolkit to get started.