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An Adoption Professional’s Guide to School-Based Support

Studies show that adopted children are referred for special needs support within the school system at twice the rate of non-adopted children. NCFA’s recent Profiles in Adoption research, also highlights that the majority of families adopting from foster care have IEPs or 504 plans for their children. This webinar helps adoption professionals understand educational options and appropriately prepare and support parents who are navigating school-based support.

This presentation focuses on factors affecting an adopted child's academics, including early childhood trauma and deprivation, age at adoption, poor nutrition, cognitive development and attachment. Attention is also given to common school related behavioral challenges and diagnoses that can impact school functioning. Speakers also highlight interventions for a child's success, with a focus on adoption-competent assessment, parental support and the importance of trauma-informed teachers.

Please visit the course page and FAQ page for more information on this course and continuing education credits. For questions, concerns or to request special accommodations, please contact us at  or 703-299-6633