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Support Adoption this Giving Tuesday

Each year, a quarter of U.S. families consider adoption.

Most never take the next step.

Your tax-deductible gift to National Council For Adoption this Giving Tuesday provides educational resources for more families to take that step – and more children to find permanency.

Your Gift Goes Farther

Thank you to everyone who donated - we exceeded our goal!

Your support will make it possible for NCFA to offer vital adoption education, research, and advocacy resources to the entire adoption community and beyond!


You Make It Possible

Thanks to our generous supporters, thousands of people have benefitted from NCFA's educational, advocacy, research, and adoption awareness work resulting in more opportunities for children to thrive in nurturing, permanent families. But there is more to be done and with your help, we can increase our impact in 2022 through key educational initiatives like:

  • Helping more families begin successful adoption journeys through flagship trainings like Adoption 101 and Adoption Finance 101
  • Understanding the role and context of grief and loss in adoption and supporting healthy family formation by weaving that understanding into the support that adopted children and adoptive and birth parents receive
  • Redeveloping for modern audiences our "Consider the Possibilities" pregnancy counseling training, which teaches social service providers to offer accurate, reliable information about adoption to women facing an unplanned pregnancy – and to do so in a spirit of sensitivity and care.
  • Elevating and expanding the voices of adopted individuals in our educational offerings for adoption professionals and adoptive parents
  • Beginning work on a training program designed to standardize best practices in adoption ethics for professionals and better equip prospective adoptive parents to make ethical decisions in the adoption process and beyond.

Together, we can help more families take the next step in their adoption journey.

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