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Trail of Trauma

December 1, 2022
Adoptive Parents

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Trail of Trauma

A free webinar from NCFA

No one's life is completely free of trauma, therefore our personal trauma experiences provide a frame for how we view the trauma of others. This includes our understanding and interactions. This webinar examines trauma and the impact on the family system. We also explore common trauma triggers, recognizing trauma prior to high level behavioral messaging, and equip attendees with resources to better identify and reduce traumatic experiences in their journey working with adopted children. Additionally, we explore how to best engage in our systems to reduce escalating trauma. Our goal is to identify trauma, understand the lowest level messages and equip individuals with some core skills to reduce behavioral escalation in traumatized children and youth.

Webinar length: 60 minutes
Original webinar date: November 16, 2017

Phyllis Stephenson, BSW, MPA is the Executive Director of Carolina Adoption Services. She has more than 20 years of professional experience as a leader in child welfare, mental health, and adoption services. She is an expert on the impact of trauma on children, and works with agencies supporting children, youth, and teenagers transitioning from adoption and foster care. Phyllis has provided supervision for clinical staff and research on informed analysis of trauma in practice. Additionally, she has presented nationally for the Family Focused Treatment Association on the impact of respite resources in supporting families. As a consultant, Phyllis has designed presentations and trainings for agencies in other states to improve their services when engaging with children who have experienced trauma. She emphasizes the need to meet children and families where they are in the impact of trauma on their lives.

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PLEASE NOTE - This course does NOT provide social work CE credits OR New York contact hours.

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