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Resources for Being an LGBTQ-Friendly Agency

Increasingly same-sex headed families are becoming a part of the adoption community. Since the legalization of gay marriage, many agencies have seen an increase in the number of same-sex couples looking to adopt and even the numbers of expectant mothers open to or specifically looking to place their child with a same-sex couple. Many same-sex couples are open to adopting older children and to adopting transracially. To that end there are a number of excellent resources available to assist agency professionals and the families they serve (see list of resource organizations below).

Parenting can be tough and adoptive parenting arguably tougher – when layers of diversity such as sexual orientation, race, and religion are added to the equation it can be challenging for families to be happy, healthy, and successful. But LGBTQ+ families are thriving throughout the U.S. and in no small part due to the hard work and support from organizations such as the ones listed below.

The Human Rights Campaign


Family Equality Council